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Hydrodynamic Cavitation - Background

Cavitation is a process of formation vapor bubbles in flowing liquid. While generally regarded as negative and damaging for equipment cavitation is characterized by extremely high energies of collapsing bubbles. Depending on the magnitude and nature of the excitation energy the cavitation can be so intense that it results in sonoluminescence - the glowing of liquid due to emission of radiation produced by imploding bubbles. Clearly, cavitation results in rather extreme and violent physical conditions characterized by high temperatures (up to 100,000,000K) and very high energies. Arguably, hydrodynamic cavitation is the base process for bubble fusion, a controversial physical process akin of 'cold fusion' with hotly disputed results.

We are focused on the study of ultrasonic cavitation, and the equipment that we use produces ultrasonic cavitation power density exceeding 1MW/m2, which is ~100 higher than that of any previous ultrasonic cavitation setups. Therefore we are able to greatly amplify unique processes taking place in imploding bubbles, which have lead us to exciting new discoveries.

Arguably the most important effect of massively amplified (e.g. resonant) cavitation is the ability to catalize chemical reactions, rapture molecular bonds and affect long-range structure of polymers and hydrcarbons. The effect is particularly useful for chemical processing in general and oil & petroleum processing in particular, bio-fuel production, emulsion and suspension preparation. As an added benefit massive energy released as a result of resonant cavitation raptures solid particles suspended in the processed liquid thus resulting in fine powder production and complete elimination of any microbial contamination, thus making the process suitable for wastewater treatment and food processing.

Research & Development Objective

Largely untapped the process of hydrodynamic cavitation demands further exploration and represents an onset of an entire new industry built on principles of resonant cavitation. Our goal is to study the effects of resonant cavitation and bring the emerging new technologies to the market.

Investigation of Cavitation-Induced Hydrocarbon Cracking (DOE)


Cavitating Wastewater Purifier (USDA)


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